Review: Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce + Fashion by the Book!

My Review:

The problem with this book is the fact that it is so underwhelming.

When you first read the prologue, you expect something brimming with excitement on every page, interesting werewolf lore, and a modern twist on the Little Red Riding Hood story. However, it seemed to focus less on all of that and just focus on the romance.

I was not a fan of the romance because firstly, it seemed too much like instalove/lust for it to be believable. Rosie and Silas don’t have a build-up for their relationship. It all seemed as if they suddenly decided to like each other because “why not?”.

I also didn’t like the supposed twist on Little Red Riding Hood. It didn’t feel very believable to me, nor did it feel convenient. It seemed pretty bazaar to me that Scarlett (Little Red) would go out hunting werewolves in the 21st century wearing a red cloak. Honestly, does anyone wear a red cloak at all these days? It also felt weird the fact that Rosie and Scarlett lived alone. I get it that YA is focused a lot on absentee parents/family members, but this was especially weird as there was no way they could have supported themselves without any money/education/family members/security.

It was also pretty predictable and the pacing seemed off… I felt like the story would go on and on about the same thing.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the relationship between the sisters. It reminded me a bit of an Anna/Elsa relationship from the Disney movie, Frozen. I liked that they were so close and had each other’s backs.

I also really enjoyed the prose of the book. It seemed kind of poetic at times and I could really feel the “fairy tale” vibe from it.

Overall, this Little Red Riding Hood adaptation was underwhelming with its predictable plot, slow pacing, and romance. The sweet dynamic between the sisters and the poetic writing did little to capture my attention. My verdict? If you still want to read this one, try borrowing it from the library.  I still might give the author another chance, since I adore retellings.


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Fashion by the Book!

fashion by the book

Fashion by the Book is a new meme here on Boricuan Bookworms, where we’ll be showcasing different outfits inspired by books! These outfits were created by LauraElisabeth, an avid reader of books who we met on Tumblr. Check out our first introduction post and interview with Laura here!

While Sisters Red was not my favorite book, Laura’s outfit ispiration for it, is indeed one of my favorites so far. I think she beautifully takes Little Red Riding Hood and gives it a girly, yet badass feel.

Aren’t those shoes GORGEOUS? 🙂

Fashion by the Book is a Tumblr blog for both fashion and book lovers, where book covers and characters inspire outfits. It was created by LauraElisabeth, lover of books and extreme fangirl. When she’s not making amazing outfits, she’s either on Tumblr or her Facebook, sharing her outfits with the world.

14 thoughts on “Review: Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce + Fashion by the Book!

  1. Melanie Z says:

    Aw I’m sorry that this one didn’t work for you, hun! 😦 I’ve read some pretty positive reviews for this series and I have the second book; but I totally see why this didn’t work for you. I’ll lower my expectations now because I know I’d be incredibly annoyed with the romance just taking over everything.

    Love the outfit, BTW!


  2. Lola Reviewer says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit picked! …Except for the earrings. 😛 I don’t know…they look cheap a little? Or maybe if they were in black? Anyway, oh nooo, books focusing on the romance alone are seriously annoying. Hello, there is something else out there too beside romantic love, right? Friendship, family, adventure! Sorry you did not enjoy. 🙂


  3. Chiara @ Delicate Eternity says:

    UGH, NO. This sounds awfully dull, unfortunately, and it’s such a shame because it had promise! I love retellings, but some of them are just so flat and don’t meet their potential. Sadly it looks like SISTERS RED falls into this category 😦

    Also: yes, who the heck would hunt in a red coat? Seems incredibly stupid, if you ask me.

    That dress is absolutely gorgeous and I want it. Even if red isn’t really my colour. It’s too pretty.


  4. The Diva Booknerd says:

    Absolutely love the outfit, incredibly sassy and flirty, pity the book didn’t live up to the hype though. It’s hard with retellings, we all expect these deliciously dark fairytale, which ends up being a tepid romance. Sorry this one didn’t work for you, I doubt I’ll work for me either. Fabulous review nonetheless! ❤


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