Latte Nights Obsessions #2

Latte Nights Obsessions

Latte Nights Obsessions is all about sharing your obsessions of the week, whether they are books, TV shows, movies, music, even candy or food and mugs and toys!

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Both of us are friends with Gen, the creator of Latte Night Reviews, and thought it’d be a great idea to join in the blog’s new meme and share our own obsessions!


Book Stuff:

Tags, book tags in Instagram tempt me and I can’t stop doing them even though I can’t post them every single day. I’m obsessed with doing them anyway.


Shut Up and Dance With Me by Walk The Moon: I can’t stop looking for it in Spotify and the radio seems to love it as well! It’s just so catchy and funky, it makes me want to sing and dance at the sound of the first notes. Plus, the video is so random and weird, I love it!


I’m Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe Rexha: I heard this song randomly some weeks ago and have been listening to it nonstop. I love the lyrics and how I can relate to some of the things in it ❤ They also remind me a lot of the character Finch from All The Bright Places. (If you’ve read it and hear this song, you might understand what I mean).

TV Shows/Movies:

 The Vampire Diaries: I finally finished Season 1 after almost a year and I just kept watching and watching. Elena is annoying af, but I ship her and Damon so hard xD I love everything in that series except Elena honestly, she brings so much unnecessary drama to it all, but whatever. I can ignore her as long as we have a lot of Damon screen time. (The vampire obsession continued on this week!)



TV Shows/Movies:


Kingsman: The Secret Service I loved this movie so much! The action scenes, the cinematography, the suits! Everything was amazing to me. I’ve seen it about 3 times already, and thanks to Tumblr I keep finding wonderful GIFs of all my favorite parts 😀 Colin Firth and Taron Eggerton are baes ❤

The Office: Jim + Pam! I’ve been watching The Office and now I’m on season 6 and absolutely in love. I love the quirkiness, the goofing around, and most of all, the amazing romance between Jim and Pam. I have a new OTP! ❤



I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios & Red Rising by Pierce Brown: I read both these books recently and fell in love! I’ll Meet You There is completely amazing and I can’t stop gushing about it! Red Rising makes me want to read the sequel immediately!

What are your obsessions of this past week? Let us know in the comments section below!

8 thoughts on “Latte Nights Obsessions #2

  1. Thank you for joining! Jen, I’m with you on these bookstagram tags. It’s all I do lately haha. I’m a Delena shipper too!!!
    Marianne, I loved Kingsmen! The action was mind blowing and the actor is so cute and hot! I still haven’t read I’ll Meet You There but I want to so bad!
    Ladies, I love your obsessions!!


  2. I really want to read Red Rising. LOVED Kingsman: The Secret Service. I saw it in theaters, but it’s one I could definitely see myself purchasing. I also really love the song “Shut Up and Dance” – the band is from Cincinnati, right by me. 🙂



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