The Arrow’s Flight Series Reading Marathon kicks off March 26!

Arrow's Flight Marathon Invite

What is a marathon, you ask? Well, a marathon is a read along of an entire series. For this marathon, my co-hosts and I have divided my YA Dystopian series into three 1-week legs with a one week break in between each book. The off week will afford readers who got behind schedule a chance to catch up.

The main purpose of the event is to read my books, so a reading schedule will be posted at the beginning of each leg. Readers can download, save, or screenshot this schedule for easy access. Each day, we will post a few discussion threads or games that reflect the action, plotline, and themes presented in the daily chapters. You will also have opportunities to ask me any burning questions about what you’ve read. 🙂 It’s always fun to have the author at your disposal. For me… that could be scary, lol.

Mile Markers: 

Every few chapters, we will post a “mile marker” checkpoint where readers can check in once they’ve read to that point. Reaching a checkpoint earns you entry for mile marker swag and other prizes!

Finish line:
Readers who finish the entire series and post reviews for all three books reach the finish line and are eligible for the FINALE GRAND PRIZE BIRTHDAY SWAG PACK. This grand prize is HUGE with a ton of free books and swag! The finish line party will take place on Friday, April 29 (my birthday!) We’re filling that day up with prizes and fun.

Guest Authors:
A reading marathon would be nothing special if it didn’t introduce you to other authors and their “trophies.” So, I have invited a few authors to “showcase” their own books. I specifically hand-picked the ones you will see at the marathon for three reasons:

1) their writing reminds me of my own in some form

 2)their characters speak to me

3) their voice is compelling in a way that makes me feel things when I read their books. I am very humbled that these writers have chosen to give some of their time to my event.

If you haven’t yet downloaded Breeder, it’s FREE on Amazon. Click here to grab your copy before March 26!

Happy Reading!

Note by Jennifer: You can also check out my review for the first book, Breeder, by clicking through here 🙂 

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