Our Demons, Best Friends [Review]: A New Adult Guilty Pleasure

My Review:

What first drew me in to Our Demons, Best Friends was the absolutely beautiful cover, and the peculiar title. I’ve talked in the past about how book titles make or break a book for me, and in this case, I was so so curious about finding out what it meant that I jumped at the opportunity to read it when I was provided a review copy.

The truth of the matter is, that this book is a complete guilty pleasure. I was immersed in the story from its melancholic prologue. I wanted to know what happened and how the characters got to where they were. So I kept reading.

Ava and Sebastian’s story is so cute and frustrating at the same time. They both have baggage and traumatic pasts, but they want to be better. Their romance was cute yet so off-putting at the same time. Anyone reading the book could see how much they clicked with each other, how good they were for each other, however the characters didn’t. I normally don’t enjoy angst in my books but somehow here I was okay with it, even ate it all up!

I liked the premise of the story, and the way the author wrote the characters and their motivations. These characters seemed very well rounded and I enjoyed that they had depth that sometimes isn’t present in many NA novels.

I have a few complaints about the book, though. It needed more editing. Some sentences seemed out of place, and sometimes the way the characters spoke seemed… uncharacteristic. Ava tended to be very introspective, sometimes excessively so. She also tended to switch up the narration tense, sometimes speaking in present and others in past. Ava also tended to babble on and on about things that really didn’t contribute to the plot sometimes, which was exasperating. There were also some cliché situations that had me rolling my eyes, but I was able to laugh it off instead of hate the book for it.

However like I said before, this is totally a guilty pleasure book. I almost wanted to drop everything I was doing at the time to finish reading it. Even when I finished I had to go to the author’s Wattpad account to see if she had any extra scenes or something since I was so invested in the story.

All in all, I think Our Demons, Best Friends has more pros than cons. Once you fall in love with the characters, you’ll probably fly through the story like I did.


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