Review: The Last Boy And Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian

I’m giving 2.5 stars to this book because I don’t think it deserves a lower rating considering I couldn’t even read 1/4 of it. Now to the reasons:

The book started interesting enough with a whole town covered with water and a girl in a canoe, the last girl there, looking for something. We know there’s no escaping that as the story begins months before the end, and that eerie feeling of impending doom had me giddy to know how it all played out through the rest of the story.

However, this is lost the moment the main character is in the presence of the oh-so-amazing guy who notices her while they’re putting sandbags on the beach thing of a river in preparation for more torrential rain.

I live in Puerto Rico, a tropical island in the Caribbean. We know storms and hurricanes, rains and the disasters it comes from it. I know what it’s like to fear water entering my house (thank God that never happened but to others it has), I know what it’s like to have people panic over that, and all that potential that could’ve been put in a story is lost in the midst of this girl fawning over a guy who has other things in mind, doesn’t care all that much about her, and is overall worthless in my opinion. At least the extreme stalker attention given to him is worthless, not him as a person per se.

Then there’s the typical friend drama. The main character, Keeley, has two friends, and one of them is set on separating Keeley’s lifelong friendship with the other friend (I can’t even remember their names, sorry). From there it becomes messy and this paranoid and stupid fighting over who knows who best, and how this newer addition to their duo has ruined everything. Uhhh… no thanks.

Here’s the thing. The writing per se wasn’t bad. It was fluid and plenty descriptive, and I liked some things on how they were written. The concept of the town having to be abandoned because of the rain was cool (God knows I’ve had many nightmares of leaving my books because of a similar situation). But, again, it all got lost with the annoying Keeley behaving like a lost puppy with this… boy and unnecessary drama.

As I don’t like to read that kind of drama (have enough of it in real life), I decided to not continue reading this. It just wasn’t my type of thing. Why the 2.5 stars (rounded up)? It only seemed fair. I know there will be some out there who might like it, but I wasn’t in the mood or desire to go through it to see how it went. Though I did read the epilogue that was a continuation of the prologue and it was kind of a letdown.

So if you like any of the things I mentioned above, this one is for you. But if you’re like me, better to steer clear of this one. Even with my slightly bad experience with this book, I’m still up for reading other books by Siobhan Vivian, especially the Burn for Burn series 😀

Rating: 2.5 stars

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